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Bitcoin Beats Google Trends in 2018 as Internet Users Seek to Know ‘What It Is’


Google data shows ‘What is Bitcoin?’ was the most popular search question in the United States and United Kingdom for 2018, showing Bitcoin (BTC) has topped public consciousness online this year.

Capping various achievements in search rankings over the past twelve months, Bitcoin’s latest price volatility saw interest in understanding it peak again following a period of price stability.

‘What is Bitcoin’ currently tops this year’s ‘What is…?’ search list, while the annual listings also include one other cryptocurrency-related entry.

While Bitcoin has topped the list of ‘What is…,’ the major currency lost its rank on ‘How to…’ queries to the second top cryptocurrency, Ripple (XRP). During 2018, users were googling more on how to purchase XRP, with ‘How to buy Ripple’ making it to fourth place in Google’s ‘How to…’ list, while Bitcoin is currently ranked eighth.

The increased popularity of Ripple is likely to be concerted with a recent publicity push — particularly informally on social media.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, despite overall Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ coming down 75 percent as of June, the term was still more popular than household names such as Beyonce.

In mid-November, as the contentious hard fork of top crypto Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sparked volatility across markets, worldwide search interest in ‘Bitcoin’ hit six-month highs, gently trailing off in subsequent weeks.

At present South Africa, the Netherlands and Ghana represent the top three sources of ‘Bitcoin’ searches.

Curiously, ‘Ripple’ searches meanwhile have remained practically flat since May.

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